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Industrial Internet

The Industrial Internet of Things/ Industry 4.0 (IIoT/I4.0) is a vision of fully connected factories where machines, components, employees and manufacturing processes are constantly connected, using the cloud to share all data in real-time, and allowing managers to constantly optimize and improve operations.

As an industrial automation hardware and software supplier, Inovance has engineered a deep integration of automation hardware and software technology into the core of its offering. The company supplies end-to-end IIoT solutions covering the sending, transmission, support and application layers.

All solutions are designed to be easily implemented into existing factories, meaning that any operation can easily be upgraded to benefit from the latest connected technologies.


Inovance's IIoT/I4.0 products provide secure and reliable platform services for industrial customers. Inovance is highly experienced at connected industrial technologies and, to date, the company's IIoT platform technologies underpin a network of over 150,000 connected devices across its global customer base.

These products will be available in your local market soon:

Smart Hardware

430D – 4G smart hardware

300DA – 3G smart hardware

210D – 2G smart hardware

Multimedia all-in-one displays

3185 and 3230 – multimedia all-in-one display

120D and 0185 – HD display

Auxiliary IIoT-enabled components


Local standard solutions 03C(IOT-03C)

Elevator Internet of things media

Industrial Applications (SaaS)
Industrial Applications (SaaS)

Inovance's IIoT platform has been applied across numerous industrial fields, including elevators, air compressors and vehicle air conditioners.

These products will be available in your local market soon:

Application Fields

Elevator IoT media (manufacturer edition)

Elevator IoT media (service agent edition)

Air compressor IoT media (manufacturer edition)

Air compressor IoT media (service agent edition)

Tower crane IoT

Multi-account integrated management tool

Inovance Industrial Cloud (PaaS)
Inovance Industrial Cloud (PaaS)

Inovance offers comprehensive solutions for rapid end-to-end IIoT development:
• Specially trained Inovance engineers complete development of configurations for IIoT device connections
• Devices can be easily connected to the IIoT by installing an intelligent hardware component
• A range of standard IIoT functions is available to help enterprises reduce maintenance and labor costs, while optimizing operations and improving efficiency. Standard IIoT functions include remote monitoring and commissioning
• New services are being continuously launched, and existing services continuously upgraded, as Inovance's R&D engineers work to stay ahead of IIoT trends, ensuring customers always have fast and secure access to device data and cloud-based data storage capacity, as well as real-time data analysis

These products will be available in your local market soon:

Inovance Industrial Cloud

Uweb application development platform

WeChat official account of Inovance industrial cloud

IoT application system