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Electric Vehicle Solutions

Company overview


Inovance Automotive is a globally leading solutions provider to the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The company's products are specifically designed for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and buses. Inovance Automotive supplies a full range of electronic and mechanical ePowertrain components including EV inverters and motors, DC-DC converters, on-board chargers, and e-Axels.

To date, the company has developed three commercial EV platforms, two passenger EV platforms and two low-speed EV platforms.

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Inovance Automotive is owned by Inovance, an international industrial automation company. Inovance has been in the EV business since 2008 and, in 2016, its Automotive Electronics Business Unit was spun-out as Inovance Automotive. Inovance Automotive has an in-house team of over 300 highly skilled R&D engineers and prides itself on manufacturing quality and R&D innovation. The company's products are sold globally and meet all the latest safety and technical certifications and standards from across Europe and the US.


Manufacturing quality and Industry 4.0

Inovance Automotive prides itself on its manufacturing quality and supply chain management. The company uses Industry 4.0 principles to manage and run some of the most advanced automated production lines in the world. On its EV inverter, motor, and power supply production lines, control strategies for key processes have been self-developed using Inovance's in-house industrial automation expertise. Many Inovance Automotive manufacturing operations rely on Inovance's own high-end servo technology and make full use of the company's own Industry 4.0 applications and industrial cloud services.

Inovance Automotive follows a policy of automating production wherever possible in order to achieve the highest production consistency. As a result, many key manufacturing operations are 100% machine-controlled. Fully automated processes include selective wave soldering, spraying, glue filling, testing, dispensing and de-panelling.

Meanwhile, a rigorous, highly automated testing regime checks the quality of every product. Testing includes automated optical inspection; precision airtightness, EOL and docking testing; EMC and high temperature testing; and fully automated aging testing. Those manufacturing processes that cannot be fully automated are specially designed and engineered to eliminate the risk of human error.


The manufacturing lines themselves are also regularly tested for quality and defects. Manufacturing quality management is implemented through the entire production process in accordance with the TS16949 ISO quality management system standard.

Inovance's modular manufacturing system is easily scalable, allowing for rapid increases in production capacity. Additionally, the company has a policy of signing strategic cooperation agreements with key component suppliers. All this means customer orders are always fulfilled on budget and on time.

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R&D quality

Inovance Automotive also runs some of the EV industry's most up-to-date R&D facilities and processes. For example, electromagnetic analysis software is used to ensure the motor’s electromagnetic scheme is designed to obtain optimal performance. And modal and harmonic response simulation analysis is also conducted, allowing accurate estimation of product lifetimes at the design stage. Meanwhile, high-performance environmental chambers are used to simulate the harsh temperature, humidity and vibration to which vehicle components will be subjected in their working lives.


Products at the design stage are tested across a temperature range of 40-180 ̊C; and at a temperature changing rate of 15K/minute and a humidity range of 10-98%. This allows the product lifecycle to be accurately evaluated. World-class dynamometers, with a rated power of 250 kW and a maximum speed of 20,000 rpm are also used in the design process.


Certifications and Total Quality Management

Inovance Automotive's dedicated quality department is responsible for quality control in R&D, production and after-sales operations. The company's Total Quality Management scheme adheres to IATF16949 – the automotive industry's leading technical specification and quality management standard which incorporates the highest standards from across Europe and the US.

Inovance Automotive's quality certificates include:

•  ISO9001 – quality system certificate – TÜV

•  OHSAS18001 – health and safety certificate – SGS

•  ISO14001 – environmental system certificate – SGS

•  ESD S20.20 – ESD certificate – SGS

•  ISO26262 – functional safety certificate – TÜV

•  IS017025 – laboratory certificate – CNAS

•  IATF16949 – quality system certificate – in

•  A-SPICE L2 – quality system certificate – VDA QMC (PENDING)

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