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Inovance presents Power Automation CNC real-time machine control solution at the Global Industrie show, Lyon
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  • Acquisition of Power Automation has delivered advanced real-time machine control capabilities
  • Inovance gains strong European foothold with local R&D, offices and factories
  • New facilities allow Inovance to deliver on-the-ground customer support in Europe


LYON, France, March 5th, 2019At the Global Industrie trade show in Lyon, France, Inovance, a leading international industrial automation group, will present advanced real-time machine control technology solutions. The solutions were made possible by Inovance's 2018 acquisition of Power Automation, a provider of PC-based CNC technology for machine tools with offices in France and Germany.

Inovance's market-leading servo package has been integrated with Power Automation's CNC technology to offer new real-time machine control capabilities. The CNC solution is based on an open IPC platform and uses EtherCAT fieldbus for real-time machine communication. The technology is designed to deliver maximum openness and has the flexibility to be applied to any industrial application.

At the Global Industrie show, Inovance is presenting a range of products for machine tools, including:

  • The CNC Control STP220 – 21.5” touch panel with integrated controller
  • Easy-to-use HMI and software for easy operation and programming of machines
  • A complete range of servo drives and motors
  • Modular and compact I/O modules with EtherCAT interface


Inovance, established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, is undergoing rapid global expansion and has well-established facilities in India, South Korea, Turkey . The acquisition of Power Automation gives Inovance a firm European foothold with a network of European offices, factories and R&D facilities.

Frans van der Stel, General Manager at Inovance Technology Europe, says: “We are investing heavily in our European R&D facilities, and the expertise of our European engineering teams has enabled seamless integration of Inovance's servo hardware with Power Automation's CNC technology. The result is a real-time machine control solution designed in Europe for a European market. Our technology is Industry 4.0 ready because all process data is available in real-time from the CNC kernel. This ensures that, as customers implement Industry 4.0 principles in their factories, they will enjoy full access to all the data they need to constantly track, optimize and improve their operations.”

Cédric Pujols, Inovance's CNC Software Product Manager for Europe, adds:“Working with Inovance is about more than just products. We form long-term relationships with our customers, offering access to world-class, flexible manufacturing and R&D facilities, as well as highly skilled engineering and industry-sector specialists. Inovance's engineering teams are based across Europe, ensuring quick access to on-site technical support. Meanwhile, we guarantee rapid product availability by holding stock across Europe, and a buffer in every European Inovance facility. Visit us at stand 3D73, where we are presenting a range of products for machine tools. I am certain we will have a solution for your needs.”

Cédric Pujols (second from left) and the Inovance France team exhibit at the Global Industrie Show, Lyon

Inovance's product range including AC and servo drives and motors, CNC, and industrial robots


About Power Automation

Founded in 1993, Power Automation was an early leader in open PC-based CNC systems technology, and rapidly built up a global customer base for its advanced products and services. Today, as part of Inovance, the combination of Power Automation's CNC technology and Inovance's advanced servo package has resulted in a market-leading real-time machine control solution. For more information, visit  


About Inovance Technology Europe

Inovance Technology Europe is the European division of Inovance. Headquartered in Germany, Inovance Technology Europe also has facilities in France and Italy. Inovance's engineering teams are based strategically across Europe, allowing close ongoing partnerships with customers to be formed that guarantee rapid product availability and swift service and support.

About the Inovance Group

Inovance is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions. The company was founded in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. Inovance's flexible production techniques and expert understanding of all industry sectors have allowed the company to establish globally leading industry-specific business units such as Monarch - one of the world’s largest suppliers of elevator and escalator control solutions. The company's product portfolio includes low voltage AC drives, medium voltage drives, servo drives & motors, intelligent controllers, industrial robots, electric vehicle inverters, light rail transit converters and industrial internet solutions. Inovance maintains offices, factories and R&D facilities across China, India, South Korea, Germany, France and Italy. The company delivers complete industry solutions for: elevators & escalators; plastic injection machines; textile machinery; machine tools; air compressors; hoists & cranes; printing & packaging, robotics; electric vehicles and light rail transit. For more information, visit    

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