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China International Industry Fair | Inovance Demonstrates The "New Intelligent Ecosystem" Live
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(September 19 to 23, Shanghai, China)The 20th China International Industry Fair (henceforth shortened as "Industry Fair") was successfully held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. This edition of the Industry Fair focused on intelligent manufacturing of the future and attracted over 2,600 domestic and international exhibitors to compete under the same roof. The event was an opportunity for domestic and international visitors to learn more about developments in the global manufacturing industry.


As a participant in the promotion of intelligent manufacturing of the future, with the theme "New Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem – Micro Digital Factory" at this year’s exhibition Inovance focused on showcasing how digital technology can be integrated into manufacturing and how data driven production can be utilized.


In the Inovance booth, you will find that there is much "treasure" worth investigating.

Treasure Factory

By connecting with the New Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem, the Inovance Micro Digital Factory was used to demonstrate the applications of industrial robots at the event and showcased the interaction between control, drive, execution, sensor, and other equipment which forms an informatization + automation intelligent manufacturing ecosystem to make intelligent and high efficiency manufacturing a reality.

In the following section, you can follow our camera lens and enter the venue to have a look for yourself!

New Products


Many Inovance products made their debut during the first day of the exhibition. From the AC810 series intelligent controller, which performs calculation at high speeds, to the IRB100 series SCARA and IRB300 series 6-axis robots, which are easy to learn and use, they all attracted a great deal of attention.

Not only could visitors learn about the trends of Inovance’s new products at the booth to systematically understand the future development of digital factories, there was also with plenty for everyone.





A lucky dip was organized at the event with not only ordinary prizes, but also Inovance goods that were worth over 500 yuan.


Treasure Secrets


Micro Digital Factory at the 2018 Industry Fair

Suitable for Various Applications

Connecting to the New Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem

Entering the new Era of Intelligent Manufacturing Together

We Look Forward to

Moving Forward with You Side by Side

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