Inovance Technology Europe

The European division of Inovance


Inovance Technology Europe, headquartered in Germany, is the European division of Inovance.


In 2018, Inovance Technology Europe acquired Power Automation – a provider of PC-based CNC/ real-time machine control technology. With more than 20 years' experience in the field, Power Automation offers one CNC platform for all machine tool applications.


Power Automation's CNC technology, together with Inovance's high-end servo package, offers real-time machine control and maximum openness and flexibility for all applications. The CNC solution is based on an open IPC platform and uses EtherCAT fieldbus for real-time machine communication.


Founded in 1993, Power Automation was an early leader in open PC-based CNC systems technology, and rapidly built up a global customer base for its advanced products and services. Today, with European and Chinese R&D teams working together and sharing best practice, the Inovance Group is able to deliver market-leading CNC solutions.