Inovance Technology


Inovance's main corporate group which manages all business units


The Inovance Technology Group is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions. The company was founded in 2003 in Shenzhen, China. Inovance's flexible production techniques and expert understanding of all industry sectors – from elevators to plastics to electric vehicles to robotics – has allowed the company to establish globally leading industry-specific business units.


The Inovance Technology Group is Inovance's main corporate group. It manages a variety of business units including: Shenzhen Inovance Technology, Inovance's main R&D company; Suzhou Inovance Technology, Inovance's global manufacturing facility; Monarch, a supplier of elevator and escalator control solutions; Inova Automation, Inovance's global export division; Inovance Automotive, a solutions provider to the electric vehicle industry; and many others.