Destination control system

Inovance’s elevator destination control system (DCS) is a group control system that makes it possible to offer optimum elevator operations by recognizing a passenger's destination beforehand. The system integrates an intelligent chip and intelligent group control algorithm, which is designed to work with the NICE series Integrated Solution for elevator control.

• Designed to work across up to 8 car groups

• A highly efficient and safe system design was developed based on CAN bus communication:

       -Each CAN communication port supports 56 floor selectors, the max. no. of floor selectors is 56 x 8

       -Communication distance is up to 1000m

• Includes 5 high efficiency traffic modes: up peak, down peak, instantaneous peak, normal and energy saving

• The system intelligently monitors, records and analyses people flow information, then optimizes elevator group 

  modes accordingly to allow elevators to carry more people overall 

• The destination floor selector input interface comes in two types – touch screen and TFT screen:

      -The touch screen comes in 10.4” and 15” sizes, and includes a customisable IC card

      -The TFT screen is equipped with buttons and comes with 2 independent structures; the IC card is optional

• Enhanced energy saving is delivered by reducing the number of elevator operations, in order to reduce the overall

  building system cost

• The system supports a full or a hybrid DCS configuration