IACA200 series – air jet loom electronic control system

•  Uses multi-core control
•  Supports CAN bus communication
•  Maximum 1500rpm
•  Supports a maximum of 48 groups of solenoid valves and 8 colors weft selection
    •  Integrates with the intelligent weft insertion algorithm to effectively reduce air consumption
•  Supports weft density adjustment, empty weft and weft stop prying functions
    •  Tension can be converged rapidly to ensure quality of fabrics
•  Cloth-fell follow-up function and various compensation methods can effectively eliminate streak defect of fabrics
•  Provides a maximum of 12 channels tucked solenoid valve and 4-way electronic scissors to achieve the perfect eaves cloth
•  Provides frequency super-start function, variable-speed weaving and weft density changing to meet the needs of complex fabrics