AC810 series – intelligent controller


  High performance Intel Core i5 processor
•  Based on LinuxRT and CoDeSys platform
•  Six programming languages support the PLCopen specification
•  Uses IEC61131-3 programming tools
•  System software contains: CoDeSys - PLCopen, CAM, CNC and ROBOT motion control components
•  EtherCAT bus-based motion control supports multi-axis system (up to 256 axes)
•  EtherCAT bus-based I/O supports extension of high-speed I/O and common DI/DO
•  Multiple LAN ports support Ethernet/IP, OPC/UA, and Modbus TCP protocols for building real-time communications networks
•  Built-in Modbus RTU master/slave station protocol – two separate communications ports (RS485 and RS232)
•  Allows loading of TargetView component